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We don’t just talk about value-added results. We deliver them.

Owners and advisors often have difficulty selecting the best firm to assist in an ESOP, capital raise, or M&A transaction. So what distinguishes CSG Partners from other firms? From our experience in the marketplace, the solutions, services, and results we deliver for clients are simply unmatched.

For Business Owners

An ESOP, capital raise, or M&A transaction can be one of the most significant financial decisions in a business owner’s life. Owners want the best solutions and results, without wasting time and paying unnecessary fees. And they don’t want to be distracted from what’s most important: running a successful business.

Our value-added services were designed with owners in mind. With our leading expertise and finance capabilities, we develop solutions that maximize cash flows for owners and their companies. Our services are also efficient. For every project, we assemble a dedicated CSG transaction team comprised of professionals with multi-disciplinary skills. Our team analyzes and formulates strategies, quantifying results in great detail. We provide extremely detailed and clear options, allowing owners to efficiently see which strategies are best-suited for their companies—and we even quantify how our services enhance results.

Our team then works tirelessly to successfully close the transaction to meet our client’s strategic objectives.

For Company Advisors

Sometimes company advisors—such as attorneys or accountants—may see an investment bank as an unnecessary expense. Why use CSG when they can put together a trustee, bank, and other parties to close an ESOP? For a capital raise, why use CSG when they know a few banks or investors that may be interested?

We provide value-added services for clients and company advisors, with our innovative structuring, detailed financial modeling, capital raising, and negotiation capabilities. While our services deliver optimal results for clients, they have also helped law firms, accounting firms, and consultants in significantly growing their ESOP practices.

At other times, company advisors are concerned about introducing an investment bank to what’s most important to them: their clients. We understand the importance of your client relationships, and we work closely with company advisors to deliver the best solutions. Also, CSG Partners is not an affiliate of a law firm, accounting firm, bank, or other institution. We work diligently to maintain your client relationship and to provide independent, unbiased advice.

Above all else, we serve clients with the utmost integrity.




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Securities, mezzanine debt and equity are offered by Synergy Capital I LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of CSG Partners. Synergy Capital I LLC is a member of FINRA and SIPC.